The Category Creation Playbook for Market Domination

If you want to build a massive business, there are a few better ways than creating a brand new business category – Airbnb, Uber, and Apple are some examples.

In fact, a study by HBR found that the 13 companies in the Fortune 100 that were ‘category kings’ accounted for 53% of incremental revenue growth and owned 76% of the market cap.

Drift’s CMO Tricia Gellman shares how to design a new industry category to dominate your market from her experience leading Drift’s design of the Revenue Acceleration category.

Specifically, Tricia uncovers:

  • Why create a new category?
  • Category creation framework
  • How to validate your new narrative
  • How to pick a defining event to launch your new category
  • Pre-launch: how to introduce your category to the market
  • Launch: rallying your company around a category launch
  • Post-launch & final thoughts
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