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Webinar: How To Negotiate Your Series A

Thursday, October 25 at 11am PT

So you’ve built a product and got some traction. You’ve even got some interest from VCs for your Series A. Now it’s time to structure and close your round, on the best terms for you. In this webinar, Aaron Terwey from Silicon Valley firm Atrium will share everything you need to know about negotiating your Series A. Atrium has helped 250+ startups raise $500+ million in funding. Atrium recently raised $65 million for its own Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz along with Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund, Sound Ventures, and General Catalyst. Learn more.

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R&D tax credit myths

Webinar: Scale or Sale – How to Optimize Your Exit Opportunities

Thursday, October 11 at 11am PT

Despite what the tech media would have you believe, there’s more than one path to a successful outcome for early stage tech companies. In this webinar, Silicon Valley M&A expert Mona Sabet will share when to strategize about your exit opportunities, how to go about doing it, and what you need to take into consideration. Learn more.

R&D tax credit myths

Webinar: How To Get $250k From The IRS For Your R&D Spend

Thursday, Sept 13 at 11am PT

Each year the US government provides over 10 billion dollars to businesses for developing new or improving existing technologies, products and materials under the R&D tax credit program. The credits can be applied towards payroll taxes owing up to $250k per year, or to reduce any taxes owing. The program can be complicated to navigate. This webinar aims to unravel the mystery. Read More.