State of Business Financing

With a mass amount of funding options and overwhelming information online on what to choose, it can be difficult to make the right decision for your business.

In this session, Matt Estes of Brex ($2.6 Billion fintech company) discussed the various forms of capital available and how you can stack them during uncertain times. Over the last five years, Matt has deployed ~$2 Billion in working capital and growth financing to businesses.

The agenda includes:

  • What type of financing is best for my business?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each offering?
  • How can I leverage and stack the different options in this current market environment?

Our friends at Brex have also put together a great corporate credit card for tech and startups. Here are the benefits:

  • Higher credit limits: 10-20x higher than others with no fees ever and no personal or founder guarantees.
  • Up to $100k in AWS credits20% off Zoom, and 25% off Slack annual subscriptions.
  • Increased rewards: blended ~1.5% blended cashback on card spend across categories.
  • Points multipliers for credit on your next statement, freeing up money to invest back into your business: 7x on collaboration tools, 3x on food delivery, 2x on SaaS, 1x on everything else.

Signup by clicking here or email here for more information.

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