Go Paperless, and Calgary’s eSchedule Will Plant Trees for You

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eschedule paperless program

With the growing popularity of hand-held devices, Calgary’s eSchedule is on a mission to completely eliminate paper-based schedules by providing multiple options for people to check and manage their schedules online. They recently celebrated Earth Day by announcing a new program in partnership with Tree Canada where each customer will have one tree planted annually for every print-free schedule managed online.

“Tree Canada has planted and is caring for over 77 million trees,” said Cale White, VP of Sales, eSchedule. “We’re already managing millions of scheduling changes online, so this initiative fits right in with our core values.”

Trees make communities livable for people – they add beauty and create an environment beneficial to our mental health, replenish the atmosphere with oxygen, fight the greenhouse effect, conserve water and save energy. However, the amount of trees Canada has lost over the past decade due to various reasons constitutes a serious problem for our ecosystem, so it is great to see tech startups incorporating green initiatives into their day-to-day business to support the environment.

For more information, visit: eschedule.ca/paperless