Our Story

Since 2012, Boast has been helping innovative businesses recover their R&D costs from the government.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know first hand that capital is one of the key requirements for businesses to continue to innovate and grow. R&D tax credit is the cheapest form of capital you can get as you do not have to pay interest or give up equity.

Our software and experts handle your R&D tax credit claims on an ongoing basis to ensure nothing is missed and all the supporting documentation is in place, leading to larger refunds and lower audit risk with less time invested from your team.

Today, Boast supports hundreds of businesses across the US and Canada and has become an extension of their team.

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Our Core Principles


We measure our success by the degree to which we maximize our clients’ bottom line and the value we bring to their business – this is our top priority. It is the reason we come to work every day. And it is the reason why our clients consider us a trusted advisor and a partner in their success.

Maintaining a close relationship with our clients is paramount. We like to stay connected throughout the year so as to get a thorough understanding of your technology, financials, operations and challenges, help build internal support, provide practical recommendations and prepare your claims on an ongoing basis.


Our day is not complete if a portion is not dedicated to making a difference in the communities where we work and live.

From providing financial support and volunteering to organizing world-class events and programs such as Traction Conf to fund non-profits, we’ve become the cornerstone of the communities where we do business.


Our clients are diverse, requiring us to maintain deep industry and functional expertise. The key to our success is a team comprised of finance professionals, scientists, technologists and engineers that can draw upon years of industry experience and knowledge.

It is imperative that our team be treated with respect and concern; that they be challenged and stimulated; that they be encouraged and enabled to constantly learn and advance personally and professionally; and that they are able to lead interesting and balanced lives.

Why Work With Us?

Larger Refunds:

Capture all your R&D projects and costs by categorizing every ticket and expense from your systems.

Less Time:

Our clients save 5X the time spent by automating data collection, analysis, and report writing.

Quarterly Advanced Refunds

Use your R&D eligibility to fuel your growth – no more waiting for tax season and government processing times.

Reduced Audit Risk:

Get detailed audit documentation from your systems by combining tickets, time stamps, and expenses.

Technical R&D Expertise:

With 500+ clients, our team of experts has the experience necessary to prepare and defend your next SR&ED claim.

“When we started working with Boast, we were in an R&D tax audit. Boast helped us pass the audit and get our refund in 8 business days! The following year, they actually found more money than we were previously claiming, increasing our refund by 10%.”


Interested in joining a highly innovative, collaborative and community focused team?

Our Management

Alex Popa

Cofounder & CEO

Alex is an R&D tax expert and thought leader. Prior to his role as CEO and co-founder of Boast, Alex managed the software (ICT) R&D tax practice for KPMG as well as Ayming Corp. Prior to becoming an R&D tax expert, Alex co-founded an e-commerce startup specializing in online recruitment resources to high turnover industries, and was a Business Intelligence Engineer at Johnson & Johnson.

Alex holds a B.Eng. in Software Engineering from Lakehead University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of British Columbia.

Lloyed Lobo

Cofounder, President & Chief Strategy Officer

Lloyed Lobo runs product and growth at Boast. He also chairs the annual Traction Conf, a top-rated conference by Inc, Forbes and Huffington Post that helps businesses drive customer and revenue growth.

Previously, Lloyed led sales, marketing and product for several venture-backed companies. Lloyed holds a B.Eng. in Software Engineering from Lakehead University.

Jeff Christie

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Christie runs sales at Boast. Previously, Jeff competed as an Olympic athlete for 16 years in the sport of luge. He raced in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics as well as 72 World Cups and 8 World Championships.

Jeff is a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Board of Directors and Athletes Commission; as well is a founding board member of the Creative Impact Health Foundation.