Udemy & Carbon Health Founder Lessons from Disrupting 2 Archaic Industries

Udemy and Carbon Health Co-founder, Eren Bali discusses lessons learned from disrupting two archaic industries and the importance of meeting consumers where they are.

Specifically, Eren covers:

  • Validating your idea and getting to product-market fit
  • Strategically pivoting your business model to increase access to your offering
  • Combining AI and machine-learning with humans to build delightful customer experiences that keep them coming back
  • Blitzscaling a tech startup in a highly regulated industry
  • Building and scaling a team to create a massive impact
  • Key skills all entrepreneurs need to have

Eren Bali previously founded Udemy and helped pioneer the online learning industry. He’s now disrupting healthcare with Carbon Health and has grown the company 7x since January 2020, increasing its clinic footprint from 7 to 27 clinics, introducing virtual care to 16 states, and facilitating over 500K COVID-19 tests.

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