Building a $100M Revenue Business in 3 Years

In this session, serial entrepreneur, notable angel investor, and Founder of SaaS Academy, Dan Martell shares the successful playbook for building a $100M revenue business in 3 years.

Dan breaks down 4 elements that NEED to be in place for this growth to happen:

  • Positioning your product for P/M fit
  • Scaling your team at breakneck speed
  • Building a repeatable, scalable Growth Engine, and
  • Building your business in a way that self-funds it’s growth

Dan is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of SaaS Academy. Over the last two decades, he has successfully exited three technology companies and has been a key advisor to billion-dollar SaaS companies like Intercom, Hootsuite, and Udemy.

Dan’s also an award-winning angel investor and coaches SaaS companies like,, on how to scale quickly. He splits his time between Canada (where he grew up), and San Diego with his wife Renee and two boys.

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