IT Resources for Startups: National Program Brings Free Cloud to Canadian Businesses

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Cybera Cyber Summit

Businesses across Canada are eligible for free cloud-computing resources through a national program that aims to make Canada more technically competitive.

The DAIR program is designed to help entrepreneurs develop and test new products without having to invest in expensive computing hardware or online cloud packages. The goal is to support hundreds of projects across Canada over the next two years.

Users are given access to an R&D Infrastructure as a Service environment that they can use to design, prototype, validate, and demonstrate their new technology applications, products or services. The range of companies that have used this tool include an Edmonton-based insurance risk analysis firm that used the extra compute resources to crunch accident probability numbers, as well as an online security company in Ottawa that created thousands of virtual computers to simulate a massive cyber attack on a website.

DAIR has partnered with business incubators, and now university research parks, across Canada to deliver the DAIR resources as a shared service. Startup Calgary was the first incubator in western Canada to partner with DAIR to offer this tool, and has since been joined by Accelerator YYC and TEC Edmonton.

This guest blog post was provided by Cybera, a not-for-profit, technical agency that is helping Alberta advance its IT frontiers. Read their first IT Resources for Startups blog post on the high-speed network.