Humi Accelerates Innovation Through SR&ED Tax Credits and Its Partnership with Boast

Humi partners with Boast®—the leading North American R&D tax credit automation software—to increase R&D refunds with less time and reduced audit risk.

The fast-growth Canadian HR software company invests heavily in innovation and is rewarded with high customer loyalty and engagement, and a 4x return on its investments.

“Helping companies like Humi innovate faster through tax credit capture and reinvestment is why Boast exists,” said Alex Popa, Boast CEO. “Our mission is to accelerate innovation for our clients. Humi is a perfect example of turning innovation into a sustainable advantage and we are inspired by their energy, leadership, commitment, and growth.”

Click to Read: Humi’s testimonial in accelerating innovation through SR&ED tax credits with Boast.

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