Fundraising In Uncertain Times

Fundraising is tough enough, let alone trying to raise money during uncertain times and a looming recession.

Most Founders never get an inside look at what it takes to raise VC from the world’s top firms. On the surface, it appears traction, product-market fit, and a huge TAM are enough. But underneath every successful fundraise is a complex process that is rarely seen by anyone except the Founders.

In this session, two serial entrepreneurs, Hanif Joshaghani (Cofounder/ CEO, Symend) and Kumar Erramilli (Cofounder/ CTO, ACTO) alongside Silicon Valley VC, Vignesh Ravikumar (Principal, Sierra Ventures) share their playbook to raising funding during this pandemic. The session is moderated by Russ Armstrong (Director of BD, Boast.AI).

Topics covered include:

– What VCs mean when they say they are “open for business”
– Internal behind-the-scenes dynamics that are affecting funds’ decision-making
– Fundraising strategy: how founders should adapt their fundraising plans and story for the near- and mid-future
– Valuation multiples: potential impacts on valuations and pricing in new financings
– Equity/Converts/Warrants/Options
– Non-dilutive capital

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