Funding is More Accessible Than You Think

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Green Owl Traffic

Many wireless companies face barriers to innovation because they do not have the resources to prepare, validate and promote their technologies to achieve market traction. One of the most significant barriers to growth for technology startups is access to funding.

In fact, many businesses fail within the first few months because they run out of money. What a lot of companies don’t realize is that funding is both more readily available and accessible than they realise.

Many accelerators facilitate access to funding. In partnership with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Wavefront provides wireless startups and SMEs with access to a diverse suite of wireless commercialization services that are eligible for financial support, from business strategy and advisory services, to technical preparation and consulting.

Case Study – Green Owl Mobile

Toronto-based GreenOwl Mobile is transforming how traffic reports are sourced and delivered. Their traffic reporting platform, TrafficAlert, provides drivers with personalized, real-time reports on their mobile device. To take TrafficAlert to the mass market, GreenOwl had to take the app’s user experience design to the next level.

With the assistance of the Wavefront Accelerated Program with NRC-IRAP, GreenOwl was able to access the critical resources needed to rapidly develop an improved user experience design for TrafficAlert. Working with Wavefront, GreenOwl was introduced to a specialized user interface / user experience (UI/UX) designer. A prototype of the new design was quickly created, crystallizing the use case for the app and making it easier to use while maintaining the product’s core values and integrity.

GreenOwl has presented the prototype featuring the improved user experience to major media companies and is pursuing agreements in Canada and the US. The newly designed TrafficAlert app will soon be available to more than 100 million potential users as Green Owl finalises a major deal with a leading US media company, and seizes a leadership position in next generation traffic reporting.

Wireless startups can reap huge benefits from programs that facilitate streamlined access to capital assets like testing equipment, training, advisory services, and mentorship from tried and tested entrepreneurs and executives. NRC-IRAP helps companies overcome barriers to early stage growth by providing the financial support needed to build innovative and commercially viable solutions. Contact Wavefront if you are interested in learning more about the Wavefront Accelerated Program with NRC-IRAP.

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