Usage-Based Pricing Playbook

Patrick Malatack

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Is the end of subscription pricing near?

Research from OpenView states companies with usage-based pricing grow 38% faster…

And of the IPOs over the last three years, 7/9 that had the best net dollar retention all have a usage-based model.

Welcome to a new era of software buying, where customers pay for the value they receive from products.

In this session, Product leader turned VC Patrick Malatack of Matrix Partners is joined by Kyle Poyar, Partner at OpenView to discuss the ins and outs of usage-based pricing.

Leveraging a successful career as VP of Product with Twilio, one of the pioneers of usage-based pricing, Patrick shared inside knowledge as to how startups can create long-term customer loyalty and profitability leveraging this model.

Patrick and Kyle discussed:

  • How to determine product value
  • Strategies on implementing usage-based pricing
  • The five key metrics to track
  • Forecasting, sales alignment, and other challenges

They also discussed why investors are viewing usage-based pricing as a powerful tool while teaching attendees how to successfully transition their business to this customer-centric model.


1. The OpenView Usage-Based Pricing Playbook
2. Kyle Poyar’s (new) Substack, where he’ll go deeper on topics like SaaS pricing

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