Canadian Retailers See Surge in Mobile Purchases

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Canadian Retailers See Surge in Mobile Purchases


This is truly the age of mobile. Many studies claim that mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic in just a few years. According to the AP, IBM tracked a 16.4% increase in online shopping for the 2011 Christmas season and purchases made using mobile devices saw a 173% increase from the previous year.

Canadian retailers are not far behind in experiencing a similar surge in adoption rates of mobile devices for both browsing and buying online.

According to Peter Lee, VP of Information Technology at Vancouver-based Clearly Contacts, which recently enlisted the help of Mobify, what started as a project to improve the browsing experience for visitors translated into a dramatic shift in traffic and conversions—approximately 200% increase in mobile traffic and nearly 100% increase in mobile revenue with a large portion from tablets.

“Understand what it is you’re trying to solve with mobile,” says Lee. “Mobile is a journey that doesn’t end with a cool app. Focus on providing a pleasurable experience for users, obsess about your data and makes improvements based on that.”

Payment solutions provider, TIO Networks, recently implemented a mobile payments program for a utility company that didn’t have a mobile presence last year. That company has already processed over $50 million in mobile transactions.

This is in-line with IDC Financial Insights’ 2012 Consumer Payments Survey that reports mobile payment use nearly doubled this year. Other research shows that 44% of consumers use a mobile device to influence their purchase decision when shopping in-store.

If you’re in retail, you have to think: what sales are you missing out on by not having a mobile version of your store? The growing number of people shopping on mobile devices suggests that mobile devices, particularly tablets are now an extension of the laptop experience. Many of your customers expect, and will soon demand, a cohesive mobile experience. And if you don’t offer one, they might gravitate towards another provider instead.

As Rob Goehring, CMO of TIO Networks says, “the future of ecommerce is in your hand at the moment.”