Calgary’s Minigroup Brings in Superheroes to Gamify Marketing

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Minigroup Supergroups

Ready or not, this is the decade of gamification. If you’re unfamiliar, gamification is the process of using game-like elements such as challenges, levels, badges, points and rewards to engage users, solve problems, and create pleasurable brand experiences. Being a gamer myself, I’m more likely to engage in an activity if it is fun. So when my twitter feed was flooded with quirky tweets like “Kapow! These masked men would keep their secret identities secret with Minigroup’s multiple profile feature,” I was compelled to see what the fuss was all about.

Apparently everyone was playing Supergroups, an online game created by Calgary-based collaboration platform Minigroup. The idea behind the game is to match a series of super hero illustrations into their respective groups. For every successful match, you get one point, along with a quote describing how this group of super heroes might have used a Minigroup. You need to accumulate a total of fifty points to win a subscription to Minigroup, while tweeting the successful completion of each level gives you a chance to win other cool prizes.

Minigroup has certainly hit on the right notes of gamification: keep it engaging, award points for completing levels, reward social sharing, and—most important—create a pleasurable experience. Needlessly to say, I was hooked to Supergroups for a few hours this week, trying to up my points and curious to see the next quote. You might be too. Check it out for yourself.