How Boast can help

Our R&D tax experts leverage the Boast.AI R&D Tax Credit software platform to automate the manual work associated with your claims, leading to larger returns and lower audit risk.


US R&D Tax Credit

Recover upwards of 10% of your R&D spend from the IRS. Qualified small businesses can offset payroll taxes up to $250,000 per year.

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"Boast is a startup's dream partner. They take something incredibly complex and make it completely easy. They are not paid unless we get paid. I only wish I'd found Boast many years ago and would recommend them to any CEO. Their team is world-class and felt like an extension of our own team. I'm excited to work with Boast for many years to come."


SR&ED Tax Credit

Recover up to 64% of your R&D spend from the Canadian government. Qualified small businesses can get a cash refund.

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“Boast was 100x better than any other firm we have used in the past. They worked hard to ensure we could maximize our claims and made the process seamless from end-to-end. They are always very responsive to our emails and phone calls. A truly exceptional partner!"


Digital Media Tax Credit

Get a refundable 17.5% tax credit on eligible salary and wages involved in creating interactive digital media products.

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“Boast helped us recover a significant portion of our R&D spend from the government. The process was very painless for us. The bill I’m happiest to pay! I recommend Boast on a regular basis.”


Your R&D Tax Credit Hub

R&D Hub

We gather data from your existing technical and financial systems to help identify, categorize, and time track eligible projects, leading to larger claims and lower audit risk with less time invested from your team.

Get a free 1 hour consultation with an expert

Your free 1 hour consultation includes a detailed review of your projects, processes and financial data by one of our R&D Tax experts. We will cover:

  1. What projects qualify
  2. Risk analysis of each project
  3. Financial analysis of each project along with an estimate of the total return you can expect
  4. How to maximize your claims
  5. If you are already claiming, we will analyze your past claims to determine if anything was missed

Talk to one of our experts to see how outsourcing your R&D tax claims to Boast can get you more money back from the government and help you regain the time you need to run your business.

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“Boast enabled our executive team to focus on building our business instead of chasing R&D tax credits. They saved us countless hours of pain, guiding us through the process and putting together our report. We received 100% of our claim with minimal headache, including a full audit. Highly recommend every tech CEO take a close look.”