15 Levels to Master Success in the Game of Business

What if businesses are video games, where the leaders are the players, using power-ups, taking risks and using hidden strategies to achieve the next level?

Eric Siu, CEO ClickFlow and Single Grain has been mastering the game of life and business. As an avid gamer and entrepreneur, Eric recently published his book ‘Levelling Up: How to Master the Game of Life and Business’ which shares a 15 level approach to winning the game.

Finding success through his tactical approach, he has achieved great success, founding multiple software companies, leading a digital marketing agency and hosting two successful podcasts – all at the same time!

Leveraging his successful gaming background and business success, Eric shares:

  • 15 personal level-ups to find personal success
  • How to develop self-reporting and stay on track with your goal
  • 3 key strategies to lead business growth

Eric brings a unique perspective of how gaming skills can effectively transition to the world of business and life, arming you with powerups to win at the game of business.

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