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Working on Your R&D? Review the 2014 SR&ED Program Changes

May 22 2014
By: boastcapital
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SRED program changes

With the June claim deadline quickly approaching for claiming 2012 SR&ED expenditures* we thought we’d give you a reminder of the SR&ED program changes affecting your work today. Here’s a brief overview of the program changes that were implemented Jan 1, 2014 you’ll need to keep in mind as you work through your R&D projects for the remainder of the year:

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7 Questions You Need to Ask SR&ED Consultants

Nov 14 2013
By: boastcapital
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SRED questionsSR&ED consultants and advisors aren’t your typical service providers. Throughout the SR&ED claiming process, they will review highly confidential and private information. They will get to know your company and many of its employees quite well. The best SR&ED consultants will be right beside you throughout the process, and especially in case of a review.

You don’t just want to pick the first consultant who approaches you. It is very important to take the time to ask relevant questions that will help determine if it is a right fit for your company. There are no right or wrong answers, but we recommend asking the following 7 questions:

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