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How Energy and Tech Can Work Together – And Why They Must Start Now

Sep 16 2014
By: boastcapital
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Guest post written by Max Fawcett. This article originally appeared on the Canadian Digital Media Network website.

Over the last few years, the energy sector has been the driving force behind the Canadian economy. Meanwhile, the high-tech sector has seen some of its brightest stars fade, even as startup activity has skyrocketed. But on Oct. 28, the two will meet in Calgary as part of the Canada 3.0 program at the annual Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum (CESCF), to build relationships and develop networks that could help both sides solve each other’s problems.

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What are Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits?

Jul 02 2014
By: boastcapital
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The government of Canada provides tax credits for digital media projects such as game development, educational software, animated simulators and more. Digital media tax credits are offered for qualifying companies permanently located in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island as well.

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