At Boast Capital, every claim goes through a proven 7-step methodology to ensure the maximum possible return for our clients.

At Boast Capital, we measure our success by the degree to which we maximize our clients’ SR&ED claims. Every claim goes through a proven 7-step methodology to ensure we bring the maximum possible value to your claims.

Step 1: Operations Assessment and Training

Every client engagement begins with a kick-off meeting where all key personnel are trained on the SR&ED program and its requirements. Our experienced professionals then perform a detailed assessment of your organization and the work undertaken over the time period in scope to identify eligibility. We interview key personnel to gather technical and financial details related to any eligible work performed.  We also provide information on any other technology related grants and financing opportunities that may apply.

Step 2:  Strategy Development

We analyze all of the information collected from our assessment and devise a claim strategy to maximize your tax credits. A documentation system is recommended to ensure that you keep records of any work performed so as to strengthen your claim.

Step 3:  Claim Building

We prepare all the necessary technical and financial documentation required for your claim.

Step 4:  Quality Assurance

Every claim goes through a rigorous quality assurance process where another consultant reviews the claim from the government’s perspective to ensure all requirements and necessary details are in place.

Step 5:  Client Approval

We review your claim with you for final approval prior to submission, and provide both electronic and printed copies for your records.

Step 6:  Claim Submission

We work with your accountant to prepare the necessary tax schedules and file your claim.

Step 7:  Status Review to Final Assessment

We maintain constant communication with the government on your behalf to identify the status of your claim.  Should there be a CRA review, we will work with you throughout the process to defend your claim.

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