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Your Intellectual Property Primer

Boast Capital's June 2015 Webinar:

Featuring Andrew Currier, PCK 


A webinar overview of Intellectual Property Regimes including Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Design, Trade Secrets, and Patents.


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CEOs, CTOs, and Founders

Who Should Attend?

Presented By:

Andrew Currier

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Hosted By:

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Jeff Christie

Thursday, June 4th, 2015
12pm - 1pm MST

Patent Agent (Can/US) Trademark Agent (Can)
Lawyer (Ont)

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Early stage companies, specifically innovators in the high tech sector

IP ownership is an important topic that comes up frequently when companies claim SR&ED. This month, we've asked PCK to share more info about getting into the patent system, IP protection and how it impacts companies.