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Is the Canada Revenue Agency listening? Recap of SR&ED Practitioners Session

Feb 24 2016
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CRA Listening

Are you frustrated with the CRA’s administration of the SR&ED program? Do you have issues with how the review of your last SR&ED claim turned out? You are not alone and there is hope! The CRA is listening, now lets see if they follow through.

The Boast Capital team had the privilege of attending a SR&ED practitioners’ session hosted by the CRA and had the opportunity to listen to directors of the SR&ED department from Ottawa and regional directors and managers within the SR&ED department. SR&ED practitioners from many different firms were invited to listen to the CRA and participate in a Q&A session.

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What To Do When The CRA Reduces Your SR&ED Claim

Dec 02 2015
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What To Do When the CRA Reduces Your SR&ED Claim

You’ve filed a SR&ED claim that was selected for an audit and you’ve met with the technical and financial representatives from the CRA to review the claim in detail. The discussion seemed to go well, although the CRA didn’t indicate in the meeting whether or not the claim would be approved. Now, you’ve received a SR&ED review report from the CRA and they are proposing to significantly reduce your claim. What do you do next?

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